Our Process

As a national brokerage, Brown & Brown Daytona Beach has access to nearly any insurance carrier. We consistently leverage this access to create competition amongst the carriers seeking to write our customer’s business, allowing us to deliver the most competitive product for our customers, no matter what state the market cycle is currently in.

National Carriers

These companies write a wide array of businesses, both large and small, and they can write businesses with multi-state operations. Their size gives them the ability to specialize in various specific industries, giving them a competitive edge in the marketplace for their respective niches.

Regional Carriers

These companies focus on specific geographic areas, often allowing them to outperform the competition for local customers.

Specialty Programs

Brown & Brown has focused on cultivating relationships with many carriers and wholesalers that have specific programs targeting certain classes of business.

Brown & Brown Insurance Owned Programs

Brown & Brown Insurance owns and operates a multitude of underwriting facilities and wholesalers specializing in a variety of different areas. Most often these are exclusive to Brown & Brown, or customers receive a preferred status.

Limited Distribution Carriers

Many insurance companies allow limited access to their products. Brown & Brown’s size and expertise across the industry allows us to gain access to many of these markets that other agents can’t.

We Are Here to Help

We understand that the only constant is change, and we are dedicated to looking ahead for opportunities to best serve our customers in an ever-changing industry.