Industry Specializations

While we have the experience and solutions to service any industry, we also have several specialties that we pride ourselves on. Learn about our areas of specialization below:

Construction and Contractors

The construction industry presents very complex insurance and risk management needs. Our team has access to a wide range of carriers, allowing us to fit the needs of virtually any construction risk.

Preferred Care Providers (PCP)

Often known as PCP, our Professional Care Providers Network team has over 30 years of senior living experience spread across dedicated sales, service and marketing.

Real Estate and Condominiums

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Social Service

We have expertise in placing social/human service and non-profit organizations with our specialty programs that ensure the proper forms and coverages are in place for each unique risk.

Transportation Insurance

Our team works with a range of different companies that assist with various types of commercial automobile fleets. Whether this be trucking, towing, or large construction fleets, we have the tools to place your business with the best company to fit your needs. Additionally, we can assist in reducing costs by helping you take control of your driving program through a variety of risk management techniques.

We Are Here to Help

We understand that the only constant is change, and we are dedicated to looking ahead for opportunities to best serve our customers in an ever-changing industry.